We’ve just released a new version (1.10.0) of CreateStudio with three GREAT features... Now let's take closer look inside CreateStudio! 😉

What’s New inside CreateStudio June 2021

Free Software Update For All Users!

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What’s New inside CreateStudio


Import LottieFiles

You can easily access the world’s largest collection of free-to-use animations and import them into CreateStudio now!

render in different quality


Render Videos in Different Quality

Now you can decrease or increase the quality of rendered videos in .mp4 format.

Bug Fixes

How to get this update?

To update your app, close CreateStudio, restart it and wait for some minutes. You should see a pop up asking you to install & restart your app. Alternatively, you can download the latest version below:

Don't yet own CreateStudio?

Mac Windows Compatible

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Final chance to get CreateStudio for just $197

ONLY $67

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Mac Windows Compatible